Friday, 7 June 2013

Bring it on again (3 Stars)

"Bring it on" was an international box office hit, so it spawned a series of four direct-to-video sequels. The sequels star different actors in different towns. The only thing that links the films is that they're all about cheerleading. The second film in the series is about Whittier, a girl who goes to college with the dream of becoming a successful cheerleader. She finds the rules of the cheerleading squad too restrictive -- she isn't even allowed to wear a belly ring! -- so she founds a new squad by enrolling students from the university's martial arts, ballet and musical drama clubs.
This is college through the eyes of a cheerleader:

There's a logical order to the college universe. Way up at the top of the ladder are football players. They rule. Just underneath them are basketball players, smaller biceps but still desirable. Then soccer hunks, lacrosse studs, fraternity presidents, fraternity keg-masters, guys with cars with parking passes, because guys with cars without parking passes are a waste of time. Then come black student union activists, varsity fan clubbers, lit-mag squares, pep-band dorks, film society toads, campus ministers, school mascots. And then, all the way at the bottom, are campus DJs, one spot above cafeteria workers.

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