Thursday, 6 June 2013

New York Minute (4 Stars)

This was the last film made by the Olsen Twins, and in my opinion their best. The real star of the movie is New York City itself. From the opening scene onwards we are treated to gratuitous cityscape views, and the director takes every opportunity to present luscious street views throughout the film.

Mary-Kate and Ashley play the schoolgirls Jane and Roxy Ryan. Despite being twins they're very different. This is a recurring theme in their films, making me wonder whether it reflects their real life personalities. Jane is a top student seeking a scholorship to study economics in England, whereas Roxy plays truant from school and lives as a groupie. Usually they avoid one another as much as possible, but on this day they have to travel from their Long Island home into the city together. They accidentally get mixed up in the operations of a Chinese gang that is producing counterfeit CD's and DVD's.

I find it difficult to understand the negative reviews it has received from critics. It's high speed action and comedy from beginning to end. For many years I shied away from films made by the Olsen Twins because of the glitzy marketing image surrounding them. Films like this show that they have talent.

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