Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Client List (3 Stars)

This film is supposedly based on a true story, but it's impossible for me to check if that's really the case because the names and locations have been changed. A family in Texas is struggling because the husband has injured his leg and can't do construction jobs, while his wife can't find any sort of job. They have three young children, so they're in a crisis. The wife, Samantha Horton, sees a newspaper ad for a job in a massage parlour in a neighbouring town. She doesn't realise until she starts work that it's really a brothel. At first she only keeps the job because she's desperate for money to save her family, but she soon finds out that she's highly skilled at what she does.

I had to watch this film because Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Samantha. I'm fascinated by her. I already gave her my vote as the world's sexiest actress. Somehow I don't like her in this role. Jennifer is usually such a clean character, whiter than white, so it's disturbing to see her fall apart in this film, degenerating into a cocaine addiction. My disappointment with the film won't prevent me from watching the television series that has followed from the movie. How could I not watch it? It also stars Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The film highlights how primitive the United States is. It would be impossible for a situation like this to arise in a civilised country like England or Germany. Any family in this situation wouldn't just receive unemployment pay, there would be more than adequate financial support for the children. Nobody in a civilised country would have to suffer like this, unless it were the parents' own fault, for instance wasting money on drugs or gambling. America is a country built on greed. The rich hold onto their money and look down on those who are less fortunate, wailing about the slightest increase in taxes. It's a country where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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