Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Badges of Fury (2 Stars)

I never thought I would rate a Jet Li film so low. On the other hand, I have to point out that Jet Li isn't the main actor, even though he's given the main billing on the British and American DVD covers. Wen Zhang is the film's leading actor, and Jet Li merely appears in a few scenes.

Wang (Wen Zhang) is a young ambitious police detective in Hong Kong. Huang (Jet Li) is his older partner who is counting his days to retirement. A series of men fall to their deaths in unrelated incidents. At first it looks like they were accidents, until it's noticed that all the men were ex-boyfriends of a famous film star, Liu Jin Shui. At first Liu is the main suspect, but when it becomes apparent that she couldn't have committed the murders Wang pretends to be dating Liu in order to draw the killer into the open.

This is a comedy that relies on slapstick and situational silliness for laughs. That's not the sort of humour I like. In Jet Li's two fight scenes he seems to be imitating Jackie Chan's style of humorous fighting. He shouldn't. There's only one Jackie Chan. Jet should stick to his own style.

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