Tuesday, 5 May 2015

John Wick (4½ Stars)

I'm not a fan of Keanu Reeves. I never have been, I never will be. Okay, he's made some good films, like "The Matrix" and "Devil's Advocate", but those were films that he slotted into because they suited his modus operandi. The reason I don't like him is because he never shows any emotions in his films. That's the character he needed to play in "The Matrix", and to a lesser extent in "Devil's Advocate". It's also the character he plays in "John Wick". The weakest part of the film is the introduction, in which he unconvincingly mourns for his dead wife. After that all he does is kill, kill, kill. He strongly reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator film. An unstoppable killing machine.

The plot is very simple. John Wick is a retired hit man. Shortly before her death John's wife orders a puppy for him as a final gift, a companion to keep him company when he's alone. This puppy is killed when members of the Russian Mafia break into his house. This enrages John, and he goes on a killing spree, not only taking revenge on the ones responsible for the burglary, but wiping out the whole of the Russian Mafia in New York.

I almost didn't see the film. I didn't want to see it because it stars Keanu Reeves. Fortunately one of my friends in the Birmingham Film Group persuaded me to see it, and we went to the very last showing at Cineworld. It was worth it. I was feeling tired when I went out today, but the film was so exciting that I was wide awake throughout. I've been told that a sequel is already in preparation. Bring it on!

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