Wednesday, 6 May 2015

TV Series: Batman

As promised, Warner Bros. has delivered the replacement discs for the faulty episodes in the Batman television series box set. They have to be praised for this. It was only five minutes in over 50 hours of remastered material, but they were swift to respond when the errors were reported. Compare this the way Paramount has treated the customers who bought the "Twin Peaks" Blu-ray box set. The errors were more extensive than with "Batman", but Paramount never offered replacement discs. Their official response was that anyone who had bought the box set should return it to the retailer, then wait for a new release. Worse still, six months have gone by and there's been no information about a new release without the errors.

The Batman TV series is incredible. It's one of the best series ever to have been shown on television. It's fascinating to watch Batman and Robin fight their way out of deadly predicaments... like being trapped inside a giant cookbook.

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