Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Eddie the Eagle (4 Stars)

This is the true story of the British athlete Eddie Edwards and his participation in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary.

Ever since he was a child Eddie wanted to take part in the Olympic Games, despite showing hardly any athletic abilities. After attempting other sports he finally picked ski jumping, because it had very low requirements to qualify for the British team. While training in Garmisch, Germany he met the failed ski jumper Bronson Peary, who became his coach. When he took part in the Olympics he earned the doubtful honour of setting a new British record while finishing last in the competition by a large margin. He became a favourite with the public and the press, partly because of his extravagant antics after his jumps, partly because they recognised him as an underdog who wouldn't give up.

This is a hilarious film, just as funny as Eddie's real life. Despite being mocked by his peers who considered his performance sub-standard -- and to be honest, it really was sub-standard -- he carried on fighting and became the most famous athlete of the 1988 Winter Olympics. However, the British Olympic Committee took a less sympathetic view, and they changed the rules to make sure that nobody with accomplishments as low as his could ever participate again.

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