Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Unfriended (5 Stars)

This is one of the most original films of the last few years. It's a film that has created a whole new genre. Many reviewers fail to understand it and call it a found footage film, a genre which started with "The Blair Witch Project". Even casual viewing should show that isn't the case. It's the first film in the real-time computer screen genre.

Laura Barns was a high school girl who committed suicide as a result of cyber-bullying. On the first anniversary of her death her ghost returns and haunts a computer, or maybe she's haunting the Internet itself. When five friends (later six) are having a Skype conference call she gatecrashes the conversation and begins to threaten the friends, accusing them of killing her.

This is a wonderful film. It's scary, though not too scary. Its strength is in the way the story is told.

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