Saturday, 7 May 2016

Under the Skin (4 Stars)

Lust is a dark abyss. When you descend you can never climb out.

I don't claim to understand this film. Stylistically it's brilliant, but it leaves open more questions than it answers. It's possible that the book on which it's based is clearer, but I don't want to read it. The beauty of the film is in its ambiguity.

Do you, my readers, pay attention to my "Popular Posts" list in the side bar? I don't make it clear, but this is actually the list of the 10 most read posts in the last month. Most of the posts in the list remain in the list for months, maybe more than a year. Some are in the list for a few months, drop out, then come back into the list again a few months later. I don't understand the whims of my readers. The posts in the list aren't necessarily my best posts. They're posts that somehow gain my readers' attention.

Most of my posts aren't popular when I first write them. There's a top 10 list of the posts of the last week that only I can see as the blog's owner. Most of my new posts enter this list, because my regular readers check out my posts as soon as I write them, but the interest only lasts a few days, and they don't get enough hits to enter the top 10 of the month. It isn't until much later that new posts get noticed, if at all. For instance, my post in remembrance of Christopher Lee only entered my monthly top 10 in April, 10 months after I wrote it. Why is the post suddenly being noticed now? I don't know.

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