Monday, 16 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War (5 Stars)

The third Captain America film features many of the Avengers, but essentially it's a battle between Captain America and Iron Man. Due to the collateral damage caused in prior battles between the Avengers and their enemies the United Nations has decided to take control of the Avengers; the Avengers can only go into action if given permission by the United Nations Security Council. Tony Stark (Iron Man) welcomes this step, but Steve Rogers (Captain America) rejects it. The situation escalates when Steve's former best friend Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) allegedly plants a bomb at a United Nations summit in Vienna. Bucky is wanted for murder, but Captain America thinks he's innocent and protects him.

In the ensuing battle between Captain America and Iron Man the other heroes take one side or the other, making it a civil war. The action is fast-paced. I loved the film, even though both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark annoyed me as characters. They're both annoyingly stubborn.

The question of collateral damage was never dealt with in the Marvel comics I read, from the 1960's to the early 1990's. It was always the bad guys who caused civilian deaths, never the good guys. Maybe Daredevil #127 (November 1975) hints at the topic, when we see Daredevil endangering innocent lives because he's enjoying his battle with the Torpedo.

By the way, if you haven't seen the film in the cinema yet, please wait until the end of the credits for the final scene with Spider-Man. By now all film fans should know that there are after-credits scenes.

Here are a few spoilers:

1. There's a new actor playing Spider-Man in the film.

2. We don't see Ben Parker die.

3. May Parker is smoking hot.


  1. I hated this film. Iron Man just came off as whiny and pathetic.

    1. The action was good, but I agree with what you said about Iron Man. I found him annoying, but Captain America was almost as bad.

      P.S. Why are you a double Ellie?


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