Thursday, 2 February 2017

Cold Prey (3 Stars)

This Norwegian film is a variant on the cabin in the woods films. Instead of the cabin being hidden in a forest, it's a deserted hotel tucked away between snowy ski slopes.

Five teenagers drive to a remote location to go skiing at the weekend. It really is remote. Nobody else is anywhere near them. It's their intention to stay away from the popular ski lodges, which are little more than tourist traps for people too lazy to go out onto the ski slopes.

In the  afternoon one of the boys breaks his leg. The others try to carry him back to civilisation. They stumble on an abandoned building, which turns out to be a hotel that hasn't been used for 20 years, based on the evidence of the guest book. Surprisingly, it's still well stocked with alcohol, so the teenagers aren't too reluctant to wait until the next day.

But someone or something is lurking in the hotel with them. The next day they're killed one by one.

As horror films go, I find "Cold Prey" average. Apart from the unusual setting it follows the standard formula of teenage horror films. It's not bad, but it has nothing about it that makes it memorable.

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