Sunday, 12 February 2017

Rush Hour (5 Stars)

Sometimes I think I waste too much of my life watching bad films. Maybe I should just make a list of my favourite 1000 films and watch them in a cycle for the rest of my life. If I did that "Rush Hour" would definitely make it into the list. Okay, I admit that I might miss out on fantastic new films by sticking to what I know, but for every great film I miss there will be a dozen not-so-great films that I don't need to watch. I'm not even talking about bad films. There are films I watch which I consider to be good, but I still have no wish to watch them again. Once is enough.

Maybe I could make a compromise. If I ever make a top 1000 list I could watch films from the list alternately with new films. That could ease the disappointment that I feel when I go through a whole week watching three-star films.

Thoughts, anyone?

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