Thursday, 23 February 2017

TV Series: Agent Carter

Today I finally began to watch Marvel's series, "Agent Carter", and I was instantly hooked. It's about a strong woman who manages to come out on top in a man's world. I like stories like that. I've already watched three episodes, and I'll continue to binge.

Unfortunately, the series shares the lack of detail typical to so many television series. Look at the screenshot above, taken from the first episode. The newspaper is dated Wednesday, June 24th, 1946. That's a silly mistake. June 24th was a Monday. Apart from that, check out the newspaper article. It's not completely clear, but you can make out some of the details if you click to enlarge it. The first paragraph begins with "There was every imaginable pressure". The second paragraph begins with "Negotiations will continue through the day". These two paragraphs are repeated in the next column. And how does the article on the left begin, barely legible beneath Peggy Carter's thumb? "Negotiations will continue through the day". That's sloppy.

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Addendum on February 24th, 2017

There's a Stan Lee cameo at the end of the fourth episode. I absolutely love that man!

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