Thursday, 13 April 2017

Deadpool (5 Stars)

The price of the Deadpool Blu-ray has finally dropped to a price I'm willing to pay. Actually, it was an Amazon "Deal of the Day", so the price has increased again. There seems to be a conspiracy with the Marvel films. All other Blu-ray releases fall in price drastically after a year, but the Marvel Blu-rays remain high in price for two years or more. Or maybe the price is just left high because people are still buying them? Whatever the reason is, I never pay more than £6 ($7.50 or 7 Euros) for a Blu-ray disc. The only exception is when a film I want is out of print, in which case I know that the price will rise if I wait longer. There's no real rush for me to buy films. There are so many other good films for me to watch.

There was a time when people thought they knew what comic book films were like. By "people" I mean primarily those who have never been avid readers of American comic books. Good guys in fancy costumes beat up bad guys in fancy costumes. That's what they know from seeing the X-Men, Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Avengers. There were slight deviations with "Thor" including Lord-of-theRings-ish fantasy and "Guardians of the Galaxy" featuring Star-Wars-ish sci-fi, but the films are mostly about good guys and bad guys in costumes. You can tell them apart because the bad guys kill their enemies and the good guys don't.

Then came Deadpool. He's different. More pragmatic. He kills his enemies with his gun or his swords. That's a lot more efficient. Just think about Spider-Man. Back in July 1963 Spider-Man defeated Doctor Octopus and sent him to prison. Now it's 2017, 54 years later, and Doctor Octopus still returns once or twice a year to fight with Spider-Man. Wouldn't it have been better if Spider-Man had strangled Doc Ock to death with his webbing and spared himself 54 years of misery? He could have killed all his enemies and made New York a much safer place.

One of the guest stars in the film is Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a member of the X-Men who knows better than to kill people. If it's really better, that is. On the one hand she has Colossus lecturing her on the evils of killing people, on the other hand she has Deadpool doing whatever is necessary to get a job done. Which way will she go? We'll have to wait for the second film to find out.

Overall, "Deadpool" is a brilliant film. The inappropriate humour and the repeated breaking of the fourth wall make it so unique among Marvel films, even without the killing. I'm sure all serious film fans will want to add this Blu-ray to their collection, whether or not they wait for the prices to drop.

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