Saturday, 8 April 2017

TV Series: The Flash

After spending a few days catching up on "Arrow" I've returned to watching "The Flash". I'm still in the first season. I started late, but what does it matter? Any series which is good today will still be good next year, the year after next and twenty years from now. There's no reason for me to be one of the first to watch a television series. In fact, watching new series as they're broadcast is a disadvantage. If I watch a series as it's being first broadcast on television there's the frustration of not knowing how a cliffhanger will be resolved; I have to wait a whole week. With complex series like "Heroes" there's the problem that by the time next week comes I will have forgotten what was happening in the last episode. Then there's the additional problem with "Lost" that some episodes ended on a cliffhanger, but this cliffhanger was ignored in the following episode and we had to wait a few weeks to see the matter resolved. For instance, at the end of Lost Series 3 episode 13 John Locke finds his father on the island inside a "magic box". The next episode ignores this, and the conversation between Locke and his father doesn't start until the 19th episode. It must have been torture waiting six weeks.

But let's get back to "The Flash". Season 1 episode 10 shows Captain Cold teaming up with Heat Wave. This is something that we saw in The Flash #140. In the comic the way the Flash survived the dual attacks of hot and cold is described in more detail. I missed the exposition in the television episode.

Barry Allen and Caitlyn Snow are reading about a research project called FIRESTORM online. It must be fascinating. It begins with the famous words "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit", a direct quote from my review of "A walk among the tombstones". The article continues in pidgin Latin.

There are 800 pages to the article, which Barry reads at super speed. This is the 800th page, and it concludes in Latin. So what does it mean? I'll let you decide.

A. Scientists write their most important papers in Latin.

B. The producers of "The Flash" are sloppy.

Leave your votes in the comments.

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