Friday, 10 May 2013

TV Series: Lost

Believe it or not, I only discovered this series a few weeks ago. I'd heard of it, of course. I knew that it was a phenomenon in the United States, something that made people wait with baited breath to see what would happen each week. Partly it was the hype that put me off watching it till now. If everyone says that something is great, I don't want to be one of everyone, I want to be myself. On the other hand, the subject matter didn't attract me. People shipwrecked on a desert island? Boring. Why should I watch something like that?

Then a couple of weeks ago I saw the complete series box set on offer for a very cheap price. I forget what the price was, I'll have to check, but it was low enough to be considered a dumping price. I was fascinated from the first episode onwards. I should have known that anything created by J. J. Abrams would be worth watching. The strength of the series is in the rich characters. They fit together so perfectly.

Jack Shephard, the involuntary leader grieving for the loss of his father.

Charlie, the pop singer struggling with a drug addiction.

Kate, the alleged murderess.

Sayid, the Iraqi ex-soldier.

I could name many others, but my favorite character so far is the enigmatic Mr. Locke. While the others on the island are anxious to escape he thinks of it as a miraculous place that blesses all who live on it.

So far I've only watched the first 8 episodes, so I don't know too much about it. All I can say is that it was worth waiting for. What I mean is, the tension would have been unbearable, having to wait a whole week for each new episode

I've mentioned before that DVD and Blu-ray prices are much higher in America than in England. I just took a break to check the prices, so let me give this box set as an example.

Lost Complete Box Set (DVD) in England: £48.25 -- approx $75.50
Lost Complete Box Set (DVD) in America: $212.99 

That means the American price is approximately three times as much. But now look at the Blu-ray prices:

Lost Complete Box Set (Blu-ray) in England: £45.00 -- approx $69.50
Lost Complete Box Set (Blu-ray) in America: $429.95

Please notice that in England the Blu-ray version is cheaper than DVD. The American price is more than six times as high as the English price. Poor Americans, you're being ripped off. Come and live in England. Films are cheaper and you get free health insurance.


  1. Well that settles it, we're moving. oh wait, just bought a house, be a few more years I guess. I never finished the series but watched retina of the first three seasons I think. characters definitely do the sucking in. you like Locke's character you will probably like the Walking Dead's bald guy...and his brother.

  2. I've never been tempted to watch "Walking Dead". Zombies? I only watch zombie films if they're being fought by strippers or schoolgirls. Or both. Tell me a bit about it, please. Why do you like it?

  3. It seemed the same as Lost, a lot of hype so i only started watching recently and only the first two seasons, third just ended I think. it is more about the characters/survivors than the "lamebrains". It is a zombie show but it works up to the why and had some good twists I thought. less about killing zombies, more trying to survive and find hope. but the character Daryl alone does it for me.


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