Friday, 31 May 2013

Blubberella (4 Stars)

I first watched "Blubberella" six months ago and reviewed it here. At the time I decided not to rate it. The film confused me, but I found out from the DVD special features that it was a parody of "Bloodrayne 3", so I withheld my judgement. Now, watching the two films back to back, everything is clear to me. In fact, the only way to fully appreciate "Blubberella" is to watch it immediately after "Bloodrayne 3", so they really ought to be sold together. In fact, if you haven't read my review of "Bloodrayne 3", which I wrote earlier today, read it now before continuing.

The film is set in 1943. Blubberella is a dhampir, half human and half vampire. She travels to Poland to meet a Jew that she's talked to online, but when she arrives he has already been taken away to a concentration camp. She follows the train to its destination, where she meets a group of Polish resistance fighters. She teams up with them to battle the Germans, but she accidentally turns a German commander into a vampire. The doctor from the local concentration camp devises a plan to turn the German army into vampires, in addition to making Hitler immortal.

The film's plot, including much of the dialog, follows "Bloodrayne 3". The comedy is in the blatant anachronisms, such as the use of the Internet and mobile phones.  The second-in-command of the resistance group is a very obnoxious gay person, refusing to save the Jews because of their bad fashion sense. And in case you hadn't guessed by now, Blubberella is fat, so there are a lot of fat women jokes. The film breaks through the third wall by including lines such as, "There isn't a black man in this film so the whore will have to die first". The humour is racist, homophobic and misogynistic; a perfect mix!

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