Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ice Princess (4 Stars)

Casey Carlyle is an intelligent young girl in her last year of school. She has been offered a scholarship to study Physics at Harvard. This is what her mother, an English teacher, has been preparing her for all her life. That's normal, isn't it? Intelligent parents push their children because they want them to go even further than themselves. But Casey has a secret passion. She wants to be an ice skater. She trains in secret, and when it comes out in the open she defies her mother by turning down her scholarship.

This is a girly film. Typical Walt Disney fare. The target audience is pre-teen girls, but I thought I would give it a chance anyway. I enjoyed it, but I admit that I'm biased. Casey is played by Michelle Trachtenberg. She's one of the most beautiful actresses I know. She has an innocent beauty, not sexy but incredibly cute. I was fascinated by her face when she appeared in "Buffy, Vampire Slayer" at the tender age of 15, but now that she's 20 (at the time this film was made) she looks even better. Is she a good actress? Maybe not, but she's at least average. She would have been a better choice as Snow White in "Snow White and the Huntsman". If a magic mirror told me that Michelle is the fairest of them all I'd nod and agree.

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