Sunday, 2 April 2017

Evita (5 Stars)

When I compiled my list of 30 films to watch before you die I had to make some hard choices. I had to omit a lot of my favourite films. The first list I wrote had about 90 films in it. Every single film I removed hurt me, and each cut hurt more than the one before. In my process of elimination "Evita" plays a special role. It was the last film I removed from my list. If I added one more film "Evita" would be the 31st film. After watching it again today I had to ask myself if I made the right choice. It really should have been in my list, but if I wanted to put it back what would I remove? I have to save myself headaches and treat my 30 film list as final.

Watching the film once more today I was totally overwhelmed. I found myself crying within the first 10 minutes, and my eyes moistened again in scenes throughout the film, especially near the end.

Today I felt I could relate to the character of Antonio Banderas as the unnamed man in the crowd, the Vox Populi. That's who I am. I watch the leaders as they act. Sometimes I praise them. Sometimes I criticise them. Sometimes I criticise the people around me for wrongly judging the leaders, in my eyes. Is my opinion right? There isn't really a right or wrong, it's just an opinion, and my opinion might not even be based on accurate facts.

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