Tuesday, 8 August 2017

3-Headed Shark Attack (4 Stars)

I don't know what's scarier about this shark. Is it the fact that it has three heads, or its ability to crawl onto the beach to capture sun bathers?

The body count is higher in this film than in "2-Headed Shark Attack". In "2-Headed Shark Attack" there are 21 deaths. In "3-Headed Shark Attack" there are 93 deaths. The deaths in the latter film are made up of

Holiday makers on a small island: 15
Deep sea research centre staff and visitors: 20
Tourists on a cruise boat: 55
Fishermen: 3

The first death is porn star Jazy Berlin. What a waste! This is her first role in a so-called serious film, but if all that happens is that she gets slaughtered in the first few minutes she should stick to porn.

Veteran actor Danny Trejo needs his fingers to count how many heads the shark has. He's lucky it doesn't have 11 heads, or he would have to take his shoes off.

Wrestler Rob Van Dam also helps in the fight against the shark. Are his muscles a match for three mouths full of vicious teeth? That's a rhetorical question.

The title alone tells you that it's a trashy, sensationalist film, but don't dismiss it outright. Like all of Christopher Ray's films it's a fast paced thriller. It's a much better film than the better known Sharknado films. Give it a chance. You might enjoy it. I certainly do.

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