Monday, 16 April 2018

A Quiet Place (5 Stars)

This film is still in the cinemas in most countries, so if you want to see it on the big screen please hurry. It's a film that's best experienced in a large cinema. You'll understand what I mean after seeing it yourself.

In the near future the Earth has been overrun by savage alien creatures. They're sightless, but they have very sensitive hearing. If anyone makes a sound they can hear it from a long distance, and they're fast enough to catch people before they can move. In order to survive humanity has had to stop speaking and use sign language.

The Abbott family, Lee and Emily, live on a small isolated farm with their three children. As far as they know there are three of the creatures living nearby, so they live in constant fear. Sometimes the creatures pass them, so they have to be completely silent. Don't breathe!

This is one of the scariest horror films that I've seen for years. There's occasional background music, but most of the scenes are totally silent apart from slight background noises like the wind. It wasn't just the film's eerie suspense that thrilled me; it was the atmosphere in the cinema, where the whole audience sat in silence. Nobody dared to open a sweet wrapper or crunch popcorn.

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