Friday, 27 April 2018

Predator (3 Stars)

A special forces team is sent to a jungle somewhere in South America to rescue an American general and several other hostages from guerrilla fighters. When they arrive they find out it was a ruse. They kill the guerrillas, but there are no hostages to liberate. The only person they take with them is a female guerrilla called Anna, because she seems to know what's going on. There are intelligence operations in the jungle, including the digging of a large hole searching for something. Some sort of creature is slaughtering people, soldiers and guerrillas alike, and ripping the skin off their bones.

The story is so predictable. After the first one of the team was killed it was obvious that it was a last-man-standing film, so I made a prediction who would survive. Major Dutch Schaefer had to survive, because he's played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Anna had to survive because she's a woman and the film needs eye candy till the end. Guess what? I was right.

In retrospect, it's difficult to understand why Arnold Schwarzenegger was ever allowed to become an actor. He can't act. He doesn't even attempt to act. He just says his lines like he's reading them off a board held up behind the cameraman. There's only one reason why his acting looks better in this film: it's because all the other actors are just as bad. Where did they find these guys?

I'll give the film three stars, but I might regret it later. I know some people highly praise this film, but I don't understand why.

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