Saturday, 28 April 2018

Predator 2 (2½ Stars)

The sequel to "Predator", made three years later in 1990, has one advantage over the original: Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't return. It doesn't have much else in its favour.

Some things are made clear which were only hinted at in the first film. The alien creature (which is never called a Predator in the films themselves) is a fair hunter. It doesn't attack victims who are unarmed. The police agent Leona Cantrell is armed, but it doesn't kill her when it sees that she's pregnant.

The first film took place in the jungle. The second film takes place in Los Angeles. The creature is killing drug dealers, presumably because they're the most heavily armed opponents it can find. The creature doesn't just kill someone and run away. It wants to keep the body of the victim as a trophy, even if it means having to go back after the fight.

The creatures respect good fighters. After Lieutenant Mike Harrigan is witnessed killing several gang members he becomes the main target. When he finally kills the creature other creatures come and present him with a reward for winning the battle.

The film seems somehow cheap in its production quality. It was a moderate box office success, but the critics savaged it, rightly so. It's not scary enough to be a horror film and not intelligent enough to be a science fiction film.

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