Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Child's Play 2 (4½ Stars)

Google's blogger has recently announced some new changes, but today I noticed a change that wasn't listed. Until now, if you accessed "dansator.blogspot.com" outside of America it redirected to a mirror site in your own country, such as "dansator.blogspot.de" or "dansator.blogspot.co.uk". Now it's the other way round. If I type "dansator.blogspot.de" I'm redirected to "dansator.blogspot.com". I hope this doesn't mean that the foreign domains will be cancelled. The links that I use within my blog posts are a jumble, depending on which country I lived in when I wrote the posts. When I lived in England the links were to the blogspot.co.uk domain, and after I moved to Germany the links were to the blogspot.de domain. Occasional links were to the blogspot.com domain, but they were sporadic.

Moving to the film itself, one of my friends challenged my statement that the first Child's Play film was the weakest in the series. He claimed that the first was the best, and that the sequels don't come close. I disagree with him, but I can understand the reason for his opinion. It depends on what a person expects from a horror film. The first film was a serious horror film. The sequels all have an element of humour, varying in degree from film to film. I personally love the horror comedy genre. If done well, inserting comedy into a film can make it better.

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