Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Sex Pot (2 Stars)

I don't usually bother with American teenage sex comedies. They're usually not very funny and not very sexy. I made an exception for "Sex Pot" because it stars the wonderful Christine Nguyen. Can you spot her in the film poster above?

Mert and Spanky are two teenage boys. Their biggest interests in life are smoking pot and watching porn. Spanky is staying at Mert's house for the weekend. They discover that Mert's older brother has imported a special type of marijuana from Africa. It doesn't just get people high, it's also a potent aphrodisiac that makes people who smoke it want sex immediately. The boys are both virgins, so they see it as an opportunity. They take it to a party where they hope to offer it to the girls.

Yes, that's a typical plot for a stupid teen sex comedy. So what's good about it?

The good news is: we see Christine Nguyen naked.

The bad news is: Christine Nguyen is a minor character with less than 10 minutes of screen time. As the best known actress in the film she's featured prominently on the Blu-ray cover, but that's it. She plays a small, insignificant role in the film.

I'd give the film itself only one star, because it's not worth watching. I've added a star because of Christine's brief appearance. I'll probably rip a short video of her appearance. I don't want to watch the rest of the film ever again.

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