Thursday, 3 May 2018

Ai Shinozaki Month (cancelled)

My regular readers have probably noticed that I backed down on a promise. I announced that I would declare May 2018 Ai Shinozaki Month and post a photo of her every day. I kept this promise for two days, but I wasn't prepared for the reaction. Both posts received so many hits that they looked likely to enter my Top 10 Most Popular Posts list. After 31 days the Ai Shinozaki posts would flood the list, so I deleted both posts.

It looked like the page hits were coming from Ai Shinozaki fans looking for her photos. They were never my target audience. I wanted to introduce her to my readers who aren't already acquainted with her. The search statistics showed up the faults in Google's search algorithms. I wrote that Ai Shinozaki has never posed nude in all her years of modelling, so I was getting dozens of hits by people searching for "Ai Shinozaki nude". I'll probably get a lot of hits for this post as well, but I don't mind; it's just one post, not 31.

I still want to do something for Ai. After all, she's the world's most beautiful actress, so she deserves some attention. I might scatter a few random photos of her in my normal posts. That means, if I put a photo of Ai into a review of "Infinity War" I would be encouraging her fans to read my blog. That would be a lot more useful. I might also publish a small gallery. Something like that.

For now, just enjoy the one photo of Ai Shinozaki shown above. Actually, you'll find a second photo if you click on it.

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