Saturday, 11 August 2018

Bikini Chain Gang (4 Stars)

Two months ago this film was re-released as a remastered widescreen edition. As far as I can tell from a quick comparison with the previous version no attempt has been made to improve the resolution. The only change is that the picture has been less cropped and is now a 16:9 image rather than a 4:3 image. I need to do a more thorough comparison when I have time. The biggest improvement over the DVD I already had is that it was a double-sided DVD with "Bikini Airways" on the other side. Very few things annoy me as much as double-sided DVDs. I would go so far as to describe such a disc as faulty and return it to the store, if I ever accidentally purchased one again.

Beverly Lynne stars as Jessie Owens, a night club waitress. Her creepy boss wants to have sex with her, but she refuses and gives him a hard knee in the balls. Good for her! But she doesn't reckon with her boss's revenge. The same evening there's a robbery in the club, so the boss tells the police that Jessie was the robber's accomplice. She's sent to prison and put to work on the chain gang.

"Today you'll be breaking rocks with heavy tools for no apparent reason. You'll be doing this all day long".

That might sound bad, but it at least gives her a chance to get a sun tan in the bikinis issued to the chain gang.

Jessie gives her boss a swift sharp punishment. I wonder how many takes this scene needed until the actor Don Donason could realistically portray pain for the camera. Beverly looks like she was enjoying it.

Jessie looks miserable when she's sent to prison. Was it worth it?

The prison warden is Jay Richardson, Mr. Nice Guy himself. But I fear he has a dark side. Look at the BDSM toys hanging on his wall: whips, chains and hammers.

At least the girls get a workout. Breaking big rocks into small rocks for no apparent reason has never looked so sexy.

The girls escape from the chain gang and meet a man who's parked his car nearby. He can't believe his good fortune.

They offer him unspeakable pleasure in the back of his car...

but instead of giving him anything they tie him up. I'm just curious why they didn't pull his underwear down as well. Maybe full frontal nudity wasn't in the actor's contract.

"Bikini Chain Gang" is no Oscar winner, but if you want a light-hearted romp you'll enjoy it.

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