Saturday, 4 August 2018

The Hills Have Eyes (2006 version) (4 Stars)

I thought I'd watched this before, shortly after it was made in 2006, but within the first few minutes it was obvious that it was new to me.

This is a remake of a film made by Wes Craven in 1977. It was made with his full support, and he appreciated the changes made to the original script.

The premise is that as a result of America's atom bomb tests the children of local residents were born with genetic flaws. Apart from looking ugly they lack in intelligence and behave in a feral manner.

Bob and Ethel Carter are driving from Cleveland, Ohio to San Diego, California with their children and grandchildren to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. They're taking the scenic route through the desert. Their car breaks down in New Mexico, and they find themselves surrounded by disfigured humans who want to capture them for food. As is typical in last-man-standing films, we're kept in suspense who will die and who will survive.

The film has a very simple plot, it's all about killing or being killed, but it's well made within the parameters of its genre. If you like horror films with a moderate amount of gore, this is for you. I haven't seen the original version – yet! – but from what I've read the two versions are both appreciated by fans.

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