Saturday, 11 August 2018

Ant-Man (5 Stars)

Writer's block! I hate it. It's especially bad now, because I'm going out this evening and I want to finish my post first. I suppose it's my own fault for imposing upon myself the rule that I have to write about every single film I watch. I'm in good company though. If Jack Nicholson can have writer's block, so can I. Or maybe it's not such good company. Please don't expect me to start chasing people around my house with an axe.

My son wants to watch "Ant-Man and the Wasp" this evening, but he hasn't seen the first Ant-Man film yet, which is why I watched it with him today. As if I needed a reason! It might not have the same characters as the 1962 Ant-Man stories, not even close, but it has the feeling of the ancient stories.

For my readers who aren't dedicated Marvel fans, I need to tell you that Ant-Man was one of the first Marvel heroes. The first heroes were the Fantastic Four (November 1961), Hulk (May 1962), Spider-Man (August 1962), Thor (also August 1962) and Ant-Man (September 1962). Hank Pym appeared for the first time in January 1962, but this was only as a scientist who accidentally shrank himself. He didn't put on a costume to fight crime until eight months later.

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