Thursday, 22 August 2019

Girlhouse (4 Stars)

This is a horror film about a slasher who targets the webcam girls who live in an exclusive mansion called the Girlhouse. They perform live shows for paying customers on a web site with the same name. The mansion's location is secret, but the masked slasher is a computer hacker, so they can't hide from him.

I wrote a detailed review about this film the first time I watched it three years ago. I don't want to repeat myself, so click here if you want to know more about the film. Today I'll just write a little about my own experiences with webcams.

The first webcam site that I ever used was MyFreeCams (MFC). I couldn't remember when this was, but I checked and I still have the email confirming my free membership in November 2012. I was curious, and I clicked around, jumping from webcam to webcam. There were hundreds of girls to choose from. Some were fully clothed, some were topless, some were nude. I liked the girls who were flirting on camera, rather than the ones who just spread their legs in slutty poses. In fact, the slutty girls turned me off. I've always been attracted to mild eroticism rather than pornography. Some girls appealed to me on MFC, most didn't.

I tried out a few other web sites, such as Chaturbate (CB) and LiveJasmin (LJ). CB was even sluttier than MFC, but there were a few girls who stood out as elegant. I liked LJ because the girls were all clothed in free chat. They acted sexily, trying to tempt the customers to pay for nude private chats. I liked this sexy flirting, but I never paid for a private chat. It wasn't what I wanted. I just clicked around the different web sites when I was feeling bored, but I was never a regular viewer. I had more important things to do, such as watching films.

In early 2015 I discovered a Colombian girl called Paola on Chaturbate. She had just turned 18, and it was only her second day as a cam girl. Nobody else had discovered her yet, so she talked to me for hours. It was just like a private chat, but it was free. Over the next few days and weeks her chat room had more visitors, and she became very popular, but she always talked to me more than anyone else. She called me her first lover. She was always fully nude on camera, but she still had an aura of naive innocence about her. I logged on every day to talk to her for months. Then suddenly, poof! She was gone. She disappeared without a word of warning.

12 months later she finally logged on again. She said she'd got married and had a baby. I was happy for her. I hoped she would stay, but after three days she was gone again. I haven't seen her since.

Shortly after that I moved to Germany. I'm not interested in webcams any more. I'm still sad that Paola has gone. She was a lovely girl. After watching "Girlhouse" today I logged into MFC to see what's going on. There's something for every taste.

There are young looking girls like Anne. According to her profile she's 23, but she certainly doesn't look it. There were more than 600 men in her chat room, so she must be one of the most popular webcam girls.

Lindy is more to my taste. I like big girls. I must be in the minority, because there were only three men in her room.

Ivy is an 18-year-old American girl who boasts that she earns $300 an hour, even though she never takes her clothes off. She calls the men who give her money worthless pigs, but they love it.

There are even Moslem girls like Nayla for men who think it's sinful for women to show their hair.

The webcam industry is booming. I have no idea how many different sites there are, at least 20 of them, but MFC, LJ and CB are the big three. If you've never visited a webcam site, try one of these. They all offer free accounts, but most of the girls expect money from you. If you want more intense interaction you have to pay for private chats, but even if you're a poor guy like me you can still get something from them.

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