Sunday, 7 April 2013

Elvira's Haunted Hills (4½ Stars)

I don't get it, I just don't get it. I've read a lot of reviews of this film, and they're almost all negative. They range from "not as good as Elvira's first film" to "absolutely dreadful". Am I missing something? Or maybe I'm seeing something others are blind to. This is a brilliant film. I almost feel tempted to give it five stars just to provoke those who judge it badly.

This is a fantastic film. It's a perfect parody of the American horror films of the 1930's to 1950's. The humour is camp, in the style of the the 1960's Carry On films. In fact, this film seems like an imitation of "Carry on Screaming", though I'm sure the similarity is unintentional. I laughed from beginning to end, both at the trashy jokes and the parody elements.

What's the film about? Elvira plays a stripper who has done a show in Transylvania in 1851. While on her way back to Paris her carriage breaks down, and she is picked up by a handsome stranger who takes her to Castle Hellsubus. Elvira is identical to the count's wife who died 10 years earlier under mysterious circumstances. The castle's inhabitants all have secrets and are following their own agendas. Brilliant!

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  1. I'm sorry. I complete missed every word in your post because I can't stop starring at Elvira's gorgeous cans. I'm not even sure if I mispelled anything because I can't take my eyes off of them. a sdfl;lk jdfla ksj dflja!


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