Saturday, 6 April 2013

Voodoo Academy (2 Stars)

This film divides people. Some reviews call it the worst film ever made, while others call it brilliant. That's why I decided to watch it. Films that provoke drastically opposite opinions are usually "interesting", to say the least. Unfortunately, after watching it I tend to side with those who dislike it. It's definitely not the worst film ever made, but very little speaks in its favour. The acting quality is proficient, better than in most B films, but not outstanding. The plot has an incomprehensible logic. Let me try to describe it. Mrs. Bouvier, a wealthy young widow, wants to conquer the world by raising all of the world's dead as zombies obedient to her alone. To do this she needs to transform six male virgins into miniature living voodoo dolls. In order to find virgins she founds a fake religion and opens a bible school for men, with a charismatic but creepy priest as its only teacher.

Aren't there easier ways to find virgins? Creating a new religion is hard work. Instead of gathering men in their late teens she could have selected younger boys. Maybe there is an age limit, maybe the virgins have to be over 18, but that's never said in the film. It all seems to be an excuse for homoerotica. Mrs. Bouvier is attractive, but we never see her clearly. Apart from the opening scene she's always half hidden in the shadows. The boys, on the other hand, spend most of the film walking around the school in their underwear. They lie in their beds at night sensually writhing and stroking themselves. The film's target audience seems to be viewers who like to look at attractive young men. That's not my thing, so I can't rate the film any higher.

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