Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Melancholia (4 Stars)

What do you get if you make an art house film with a big Hollywood budget? This is it. From the very few minutes where we meet the main characters overlaid with rich symphonic music by Wagner we know that we are going to be presented with something special. The film is soaked with existentialist philosophy from beginning to end.

Justine (evidently a member of a wealthy family) and Michael arrive at their family's mansion to celebrate their wedding. During the reception Justine has sex with one of the guests on the lawn and her husband leaves her. For the next few days Justine and her sister Claire sit in the mansion waiting for a rogue planet to collide with the Earth. Claire is distraught, but Justine is unconcerned that the Earth will be destroyed.

It's not really possible to say if the film is good or bad. It depends on what you expect from a film. The film is overwhelming. Nothing more, nothing less.

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