Thursday, 4 April 2013

Attack Girls Swim Team vs The Undead (3½ Stars)

Sayaka is kidnapped as a young girl. She is trained to be a deadly assassin. That much follows the plot of "Nikita". The man who has kidnapped her is an expert in body modification and creating deadly viruses. While on a mission Sayaka runs away and decides to hide by going back to school. Unfortunately her kidnapper discovers her location and unleashes a virus in the school that turns both teachers and students into flesh-eating zombies. The chlorine in the swimming pool is an antidote to the virus, so only the high school swimming team remains unaffected. Armed with chainsaws and ninja swords, which just happen to be lying around in the school, they battle the forces of the undead.

This is a fun film for fans of low budget Japanese gore. The nude scenes provide added excitement.

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