Saturday, 1 February 2014

30 Days of Night: Dark Days (4 Stars)

This is a direct-to-video sequel to "30 Days of Night", made in 2010, three years after the original film. The only person who returns from the original film is Stella Olesen. In the first film she was played by Melissa George, in this film she is played by Kiele Sanchez. While I think it's a shame that Melissa didn't return, I at least praise the film's casting crew for finding an actress who looks similar.

The film's name is misleading. The sequel doesn't take place in the Arctic circle, so there is no prolonged period of night and the days aren't dark. Never mind, I suppose the studios had to find some way to tell us this is a sequel. Stella is touring the USA giving speeches about what happened in Barrow, but being ridiculed wherever she goes. The vampires are too successful in hiding their existence. While in Los Angeles she is approached by three people who believe her, because they too are survivors of vampire attacks. They are in L.A. because they are hunting the vampire queen, Lilith. She is the one who coordinates all the vampire attacks in America, and if she dies the attacks will stop. The three people have heard that Lilith is in L.A. and want to recruit Stella to take part in their attack on her.

Overall this film has received worse reviews than the first. Critics consider the first film "good" and the sequel "average". I disagree. I consider the sequel better than the original. There is more of a plot, rather than a two-hour who-dies-next scramble. Apart from that, the vampires are sexier than in the first film. That applies to Lilith in particular, but there are other female vampires, and the vampires overall are more "human", not just running around like wild animals.


  1. This movie is actually inspiration for a comic my bf and I are currently making. Personally this film wasn't as visually appealing as the first, but I like the premise of revenge.

  2. I just don't think the vampires were sexy enough in the first film. That was my problem. All they did was run around like wild animals killing people. No seduction.


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