Friday, 14 February 2014

Body Chemistry 3: Point of Seduction (4 Stars)

Dr. Claire Archer has now moved up in the world. Her face is well known as the host of a television show in which she gives advice to people with sexual problems. But her past is catching up with her. Freddie, who worked with her in the laboratory in the first film, was fired from his job for drinking, so he is attempting a new career as a screenwriter. He approaches a film producer, Alan Clay, with a script based on Claire's life. The first draft shows her as an innocent victim of violent men, but after the contract is signed Freddie makes investigations into her time at the radio station (the second film) and comes to the conclusion that she is a killer. He tries to expose her, but by this time Claire has already begun an affair with Alan. As always, she prefers sex with married men.
An added complication is that Alan's wife Beth, the leading actress in a television soap opera, reads Freddie's script and becomes determined to play Claire's part in the film. Fascinated by the script, she becomes increasingly like Claire off the screen.

In the first two films Dr. Claire Archer was played by Lisa Pescia. In this film the role is played by Shari Shattuck, who has a degree of similarity, but is more attractive. Overall the acting is better than in the other two films, probably due to Jim Wynorski taking over as director.

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