Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hot Fuzz (5 Stars)

It's very difficult to describe the plot of this film without giving away too many spoilers, so I'll have to keep my description to a minimum.

Nicholas Angel is a highly successful London policeman. He arrests five times as many criminals as his fellow policemen. Both his colleagues and his superiors think he is making them look bad, so he is promoted to sergeant and transferred to Sandford, a village in Gloucestershire. This village has the lowest crime rate in the country, but in the week after he arrives five murders take place.

Today was the third time I've watched the film, and it gets better every time. It must be one of the best films ever made. I realise that my very brief plot description might not make the film sound attractive. It doesn't turn out the way you would expect it to when it begins. As I've said before, individually Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are great actors, but together they're perfect. Somehow they remind me of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.

The town used as the location for the fictional village of Sandford is Wells in Somerset, the home town of the director, Edgar Wright. In one scene Edgar appears stacking shelves in the same Somerfield supermarket where he once worked stacking shelves. Many great actors appear in the film in small roles, some of them uncredited: Timothy Dalton, Edward Woodward, Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Steve Coogan, Bill Nighy, just to name a few. Peter Jackson, best known for directing "Lord of the Rings", also appears briefly.


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