Friday, 7 February 2014

Fenster zum Sommer (4 Stars)

Nina Hoss stars as Juliane Kreisler, a Finnish translator living in Berlin. She's been living with her boyfriend Philipp for nine years, but she feels that their relationship is going nowhere. She leaves him and goes to live in a hotel. A few days later she meets an attractive man in a train, then continues talking to him while waiting to meet her sister Emily. Emily is killed in a traffic accident before her eyes. The man, August Schelling, comforts Juliane, and they become lovers. A few months later they travel to Finland together. They fall asleep, and when Juliane wakes up she's six months in the past. She's still living with Philipp, and Emily is still alive.

What does she do now? Can she save her sister's life? But if she does that, will she ever meet August? Maybe she should give her relationship with Philipp a second chance. The possibilities are endless. Everyone on this planet, with no exceptions, has done things that he regrets. We have all done things that we can't take back. Juliane has another chance. Will knowing the future make her life easier or more difficult?

When this film was released in 2011 it was shown in English cinemas with subtitles. Since then it has only been released on DVD in Germany, and the DVD has only German subtitles.

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