Friday, 28 February 2014

Girls on top 2 (3 Stars)

The girls that we got to know so well in the first film have left school now. Or at least, we got to know two of them. Victoria (Felicitas Woll) has gone off to study in Berlin, and her place in the clique has been taken by Lucy (Jasmin Gerat). Lena (Karoline Herfurth), Inken (Diana Amft) and Lucy are looking for an apartment in Munich, but even when they find one they can't afford the rent. There's only one solution: they have to find rich boyfriends!

The film is intended as a comedy, but the humour falls flat. It's very difficult to find a German comedy that's actually funny. I have to admit that I bought the DVD for two reasons. (1) It was cheap, and (2) I think Karoline Herfurth is absolutely gorgeous. Her beauty is somehow haunting, she overshadows the other two girls. Here are four pictures from the film to show you what I mean.

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