Monday, 9 June 2014

Kiss me quick (4 Stars)

This is an erotic science fiction horror comedy. It's hard to believe that this film was made in 1964. It's so well preserved, and it hasn't even been remastered for its recent release. In fact, all the films I've seen made by Harry Novak are in excellent condition. It makes me suspect that he took special care to store his original master tapes, better care than the big studios used to take. After all, in the 1960's it was inconceivable that people would one day buy films on a disc, or even a videotape. Films were meant to be watched in the cinema, and sometimes on television. That was it.

This was Harry's first film, and it's apparent that he already had too many ideas for one film. The film opens on the planet Droopiter, which is inhabited by males only, who replicate themselves by dividing into two like amoebas. The leader is looking for slaves, and he has heard that on Earth there exists a second gender called women who do whatever they're told. He sends the young man Sterilox to Earth to bring back a woman. Sterilox arrives in Transylvania, in the castle of Doctor Breedlove, who is creating perfect women in a laboratory. He seems to be successful, because the women are extremely horny and rip their clothes off whenever they see a man. Unfortunately he is being hampered by Count Dracula, who keeps raiding the castle to feed on the women. And then he has to look after the monster created by his grandfather, Doctor Frankenstein.

The film is stupid, utterly ridiculous, but it's fun.

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