Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ace Ventura Jr. (3 Stars)

After a gap of 14 years a third Ace Ventura film was made. This one isn't about Ace himself, who was played in the first two films by Jim Carrey. It's about Ace Jr., his son, who is being brought up by his mother after Ace disappeared on a case.

Ace Jr., now 12 years old, has promised his mother to act like a normal child and not get into trouble by hunting for lost animals all day long. He tries to keep the promise, but when he overhears the pretty girls in his class talking about their lost pets it's too much for him and he reverts to his old ways. Hormones! Although when I was 12 I didn't like girls my own age, I much preferred the girls I saw on Page 3 of The Sun.

The film isn't all that bad, but it's aimed at young teens. I can't relate to it.

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