Monday, 16 January 2017

Gun Woman (2 Stars)

"A man dies when one third of his blood is lost, but a woman can survive even if she loses two thirds of her blood. God created women superior to men".

The popular Japanese B-Movie star Asami stars in a Japanese version of Nikita. It doesn't tell the same story, but the similarities are obvious.

The Japanese yakuza boss Hamazaki has a son who is out of control. He enjoys killing women and he enjoys raping women, not always in that order. No woman is safe near him. He's an embarrassment to the family business, so Hamazaki sends his son (who's never named in the film) to America.

Before his banishment Hamazaki's son murdered the wife of a Japanese surgeon. The surgeon has dedicated the rest of his life to taking revenge. He gives up his job and follows Hamazaki's son to America, where he takes the name Mastermind. He buys a drug addict, puts her through forced rehab by chaining her to a wall, then trains her to be an assassin. Hamazaki's son is usually surrounded by bodyguards all day long. The only place he's vulnerable is during his regular visits to an exclusive club for necrophiliacs in Las Vegas. It's the ultimate necrobrothel. High-paying clients are given a dead girl to play with, always in perfect condition because she's been freshly killed by the club owners. The bodies are still warm. I sincerely hope that clubs like that don't really exist, but in this sick world we live in anything is possible.

The plan is for the ex-junkie to be put into deep paralysis and disguised as a dead woman. Her guns have been sewn into her chest. She has to rip them out and kill everyone within 22 minutes, the estimated time before she bleeds to death.

As much as I love films with beautiful, deadly women, I can't enjoy "Gun Woman". The scenes with her training were relatively enjoyable, but the last half hour was so ugly that I had difficulty watching to the end. It's all filmed for shock value: a naked woman on a rampage while blood is gushing out of her body. It's not for me. I'll do my best to forget that I ever watched it.

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