Saturday, 21 January 2017

Thor: The Dark World (4½ Stars)

This film has an incredible blend of styles. It starts off as a fantasy epic, looking suspiciously like a clone of "Lord of the Rings". It turns into a fast flying "Star Wars" imitation. It finally settles into a typical super-hero film. Which is it supposed to be? All of them!

Anyone who has left comments on my blog in the last week has noticed a change. For the last six years I have automatically accepted comments. This is what I consider to be the best way to handle comments, because it's frustrating to write a comment and not see it immediately appear on the web site. However, I've been forced to change my policy due to a large amount of spam I've been receiving over the last few weeks. The spam has all come from one single person who has been posting between 10 and 30 ads to my comments every single day. I've had to remove each comment individually. To avoid this I've now added comment moderation, so that his comments never arrive on my blog. It's much better that way. Don't worry, I guarantee that I'll approve all genuine comments within a day.

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P. S. Why is the film called "Thor: The Dark Kingdom" in Germany? Crazy Germans!

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