Thursday, 21 June 2018

Bikini Airways (4 Stars)

Today I watched the remastered 15th anniversary re-release of "Bikini Airways", the second film in the Medina Collection. Most people associate remastering with Blu-ray, but the new version is still on DVD. The original DVD, which I reviewed in 2015, was in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The new version is in 16:9, and the picture quality has been improved by a new transfer from the original tapes. I can verify the improvement by comparing it with the screenshots that I made three years ago.

Most of the film takes place in the claustrophobia of an aeroplane, a Boeing 747. Terri has just inherited an airline from her uncle Hugh Janus. (Say Hugh Janus Airways aloud). The airline is facing bankruptcy, so she decides to advertise by using models in bikinis. They say that sex sells, but that's no longer true in the Internet age. Everyone wants sex for free, so men just stand watching the bikini babes and don't buy tickets.

Terri gets a second chance to make money. A rich oil tycoon wants to have a bachelor party, but he doesn't have time because he has to fly to Miami for his wedding the next morning. Terri offers to charter her plane for a bachelor party in the air.

On this flight the passengers aren't told to fasten their seat belts; the stewardesses do it for them. The girls know that all the passengers are rich, so they do whatever they can to keep them interested.

The comedy is supplied by Jay Richardson, who plays the pilot. He starred in 23 films directed by Fred Olen Ray from 1988 to 2005. He took a break from acting for a few years, but now he's returned and he's made 17 films in the last three years, but none with Fred. They need to hook up again.

I greatly enjoy this film. It makes no aspirations to be anything more than trash, but it's good at what it does.

As for sex not selling in the Internet age, my comments only referred to people in general, not to me. I'm a dinosaur from the pre-Internet age. Whatever brand of toothpaste this girl is advertising I'll buy it. I want teeth as white as hers.

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