Friday, 1 June 2018

Child's Play 3 (4 Stars)

You have to ask what's wrong with the company Play Pals that manufactured the Good Guy dolls. In the second film they rebuilt the original Chucky doll to prove that it was just a normal doll, and it went on a killing spree again. This caused them to cease production. Now, eight years later, they decide to start production again because they're convinced that nothing ever happened, it was just the ravings of mad people. They have short memories. Maybe it really is true that people only remember what they want to.

The workers scoop up plastic remains that have been lying scattered on the floor of the old factory for eight years. These remains include Chucky's body. His blood is squeezed into the vat, causing the first new doll that's created to have the soul of the mass murderer Charles Lee Ray. The first victim is the company's owner – who deserves what he gets for being so stupid – after which Chucky searches for Andy, the little boy we know from the first two films. He's not so young any more. He's 16 years old, and he's enrolled in a military academy. It's a horrible school with horrible teachers and horrible pupils. Military discipline is used as an excuse for bullying.

This is a very good film, continuing the strength of the previous film. Buy the whole collection. You won't regret it. This isn't a film series like "Friday the 13th" that started off great and slowly fizzled out as it continued.

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