Saturday, 30 June 2018

Seed of Chucky (4 Stars)

This is the fifth film about the killer doll Chucky, a direct continuation of the fourth film, "Bride of Chucky". The previous three films mixed in comedy with the horror, which improved them in my opinion, but this film drives it too far. There's so much humour that the horror is hidden in the background. Having said that, there's one plot line about this film that I like so much that it makes up for all the other weaknesses: the development of Jennifer Tilly as the actress playing herself.

In the fourth film we met Tiffany Valentine, Charles Lee Ray's ex-girlfriend, who was played by Jennifer Tilly. Chucky killed her and transferred her soul into the body of a doll. In this film we meet the real life actress Jennifer Tilly, played by herself, who's a doppelganger of Tiffany Valentine. This is a parody of Jennifer Tilly as the public sees her, and I praise her for making fun of herself. She's conceited, thinking of herself as a better actress than she is, constantly fighting against weight gain, and she's willing to sleep with anyone to get a film part. Tiffany (the doll) idolises Jennifer and thinks she's the greatest actress on Earth, so she makes a plan to transfer her soul into Jennifer.

Jennifer Tilly is one of the sexiest women on Earth. She has the voice of an angel, and a body that could tempt any man to sin. One whisper from her little girl voice would bring me to my knees.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Chucky and Tiffany were killed in the last film. Chucky gets killed in every film, and now Tiffany is continuing in the family tradition. How do they return to life?

At the end of the last film Tiffany had a baby. It was a voodoo pregnancy, so the baby was born within two days. I think a lot of women would prefer to have a voodoo pregnancy. Is there a magic spell to accelerate pregnancies? I'll have to check my copy of "Voodoo for Dummies". The baby was found at the cemetery by an English tourist and taken back to England to be used as a ventriloquist's dummy. The boy was given the name Shitface and forced to perform on stage.

Shitface saw news reports on television about an upcoming film about Chucky and Tiffany. He mailed himself to the Hollywood prop room to meet the dolls that he considered to be his parents. When he arrived he was disappointed to find that they were only studio props with no life at all in them. No fear, he was a prodigious young boy. He'd spent all his life learning voodoo in his spare time, and to top it all off he'd saved the Amulet of Damballa that was abandoned at the cemetery after Charles Lee Ray's body was exhumed. Shitface performed a ritual over the two dolls, calling the souls of Chucky and Tiffany back from the great beyond.

Chucky gives his son the name Glen, but when Tiffany discovers that Glen doesn't have a penis she says he's a girl and calls him Glenda... or calls her Glenda, I'm getting confused what personal pronoun to use. The not-so-happy parents argue about their child's gender, finally grudgingly agreeing to let him choose for himself what he wants to be. Chucky doesn't mind as long as he grows up to be a killer.

The critics are united in claiming that this is the weakest film in the Chucky franchise. I understand why they say it, and if I didn't have a crush on Jennifer Tilly I might agree with them.

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