Sunday, 1 July 2018

Curse of Chucky (3½ Stars)

This is the sixth film in the Chucky (aka Child's Play) series. In my opinion it's the weakest film in the series, but I have to emphasise the words "in my opinion". I'm aware that film critics praise it as the best film. I don't understand why. The humour that made the previous films so good (particularly the second to fourth films) has been stripped away.

When the film begins it seems to have nothing to do with the previous films. The Chucky doll is mailed to a family that lives in a creepy looking house in the woods, and none of them are characters that we know from the previous films. As the film progresses we find out that it's a back-to-the-beginning scenario, something that's typical for the final films of trilogies. This is the sixth film, so maybe it's supposed to be the climax of the second semi-trilogy, but that would be stretching it. This is a house which Charles Lee Ray used to visit; maybe he was even employed in the house, for instance as a gardener. The series of murders that he committed in the house led to the police chase that we see at the beginning of the first film. This is the reason he wants revenge on the family.

For me the film doesn't really become exciting until the last three minutes when Jennifer Tilly returns. In the credits it's claimed that Jennifer Tilly is playing Tiffany, but that's not correct. She's playing herself, Jennifer Tilly, but possessed by the soul of Tiffany Valentine.

It was recently announced that a Chucky TV series will be made. That's exciting news, as long as Jennifer Tilly will appear in it. It's still too early for announcements about the cast.

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