Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Kill Bill (5 Stars)

This is doubtlessly one of the best films ever made. Whenever I watch it it stuns me. I just watched the two parts back to back in a four hour session, which is the best way to enjoy it. In Japan a slightly different cut was released as a single film. I don't know why this version still isn't available in the rest of the world.

I watched the first part in the cinema in October 2003. Like all fans, I couldn't wait to see the second part. The UK release date was 23rd April 2004. About a week before this date my friend Pete told me he had bought it on DVD for £2 (approximately $2.75) from a nearby video store which was well known for its under-the-counter offers. He invited us to his apartment to watch it.

We watched it with Pete and his friend Bob. It was nasty. It was a DVD that had been recorded in a cinema. The picture was dark, and the the voices of the people in the audience frequently drowned out the film. The volume was so low that it was difficult to hear even when the television set was cranked up to maximum. Added to this, Pete and Bob were talking all the way through the film. At the end I still didn't understand everything that had happened.

Never again!

Lucy Liu will cut off the head of anyone who watches pirate DVDs.

Chiaki Kuryama agrees.

So does Julie Dreyfus.

This is probably Quentin Tarantino's best film, but it's difficult for me to decide. I always prefer whichever film of his I watched last.

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