Sunday, 15 July 2018

Off-Topic: World Cup 2018

The football World Cup, most commonly known simply as the World Cup, is the second biggest sporting event of the world, after the Olympic Games. For this reason they're conveniently scheduled so that they take place alternately. Both events take place in four-yearly intervals, so they can be evenly spaced out.

Whoever wins the tournament – it's always been a European or a South American team – the World Cup has always been an opportunity for peace. Today France won the final match against Croatia, but there's no enmity. President Emmanuel Macron of France and President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic of Croatia walked to the awards ceremony hand in hand like a newly wed couple.

Even before the match was over the couple were observed getting close to one another in the VIP box.

A picture says a thousand words. Vladimir Putin looks on, trying his best to smile, all the while asking himself "Why doesn't she hold me like that?"

At the awards ceremony, surrounded by men in drab suits and soaked by pouring rain, Kolinda stood out like a ray of sunshine in her colourful Croatian team shirt.

She profusely hugged Luka Modric, who was voted the best player of the 2018 World Cup.

Hugs aren't enough for Kolinda. She had to stroke Luka's face.

Then she gave him a second hug. Wasn't Emmanuel getting jealous?

Poor little Luka was practically suffocated by the hugs.

All the other Croatian players received hugs. I have to point out that Kolinda is an expert in hugging. Hugs should always involve skin contact, in this case fingers and bare arms on the neck.

So many men, so little time. She's already eyeing the next player.

Not even the rain could put Kolinda off. Or did the rain make the hugs better?

Her favourite players even received a kiss.

Kolinda especially enjoyed the hug from Ivan Strinic. I wonder where his hands were.

Hugging is fun. Hugging is addictive. Everyone should hug more often.

But Kolinda has a serious word for Milan Badelj. "Look at me! Not that other girl!"

Kolinda looks like she's getting high from all the hugging.

Croatia's goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic kept his hands on the ball, and Kolinda keeps her hands tightly on him.

I don't know who that man on the right is, but he's getting impatient. Will the hugging never end?

"Look at the time. That's enough hugging, Kolinda, I'm getting soaked!"

"I give up! I think the players are queuing up for a second hug".

Kolinda is saying, "We should really do this again in 2022".

The Croatian team wasn't enough for Kolinda. She had to hug the French as well. Kylian Mbappe's hands must have been shaking. Emmanuel Macron has to help him support his trophy.

Even the referees got hugs.

"Come a bit closer. I don't bite".

Not all the referees resisted her.

I wouldn't resist Kolinda's hugs. Would you?

I bet he hasn't been hugged like that for years.

Now Emmanuel finally has to say something. "Do I really have to stand here in the rain watching you hugging other men?"

Evidently Emmanuel can't persuade her to stop. She hasn't got through hugging all the French players yet.

Do you get the impression that Kolinda prefers the goalkeepers? It must be the things they do with their hands.

The officials also get wet hugs. They deserve them.

"Zlatko, darling, I've saved my biggest hug for you".

"You're shivering. Is it the rain, or are you getting excited?"

"Don't worry, Zlatko, this will be our little secret".

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