Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Anti-Social (2 Stars)

This is a film that highlights the underground criminal culture of London. Marcus is a member of a gang that robs jewellery stories. His younger brother Dee is a graffiti artist who spreads his pictures all over London. Both of them are doing illegal things, but Dee does it as a protest against the establishment while Marcus just wants to line his own pockets.

Dee doesn't get involved in gang activity, but Marcus gives him money to support him. When Marcus gets shot and is badly wounded Dee is faced with a challenge: should he take part in a robbery to help his brother?

English films are a hit or miss affair. "Anti-Social" is a miss. The action scenes are realistic, but the acting is so poor that it's embarrassing. The young cast of newcomers say their lines with blank faces as if they're reading them from an off-screen cue. The only actor with any talent is Christian Berkel, who plays a German art dealer.

Dee's girlfriend is played by Meghan Markle, the current wife of Prince Harry. She displays no more talent than any of the other actors. She's lucky to have married a rich man, because she could never have made much money acting.


  1. I suspect she made rather a lot of money as lead actress on Suits actually.

    1. I've never seen "Suits". Was her acting any better?


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